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Sailing is a wonderfully diverse sport that can be enjoyed by anyone of any level of physical ability and by all ages. It can be exciting and adrenaline fuelled racing or it can be a relaxing and placid activity or indeed anywhere in between these two extremes.

How many sports are there in which participants of all ages (in our case from 8 to over 80), able bodied and disabled can compete in the same race? This can and does happen at Otley Sailing Club!

Whether you’re the next Ben Ainsley or you just want to cruise in a family dinghy on holiday you will need good training to ensure that you are safe and get the best out of your equipment.

Otley Sailing Club can help. All of our instructors are volunteers and all are trained to demanding RYA standards to ensure that you are trained in a friendly, safe and enjoyable way.

Our courses have been developed over many years and our pass rate is second to none. Our “not for profit” approach means that if we need to spend extra time with a candidate then that’s exactly what we do – something that commercial profit driven centres can’t!

Our active “On-Board” Youth Club is a great way for younger sailors to develop their skills through the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme – many of our instructors started out via this route.

Our youth training covers the following RYA Youth Sailing Scheme modules:

  •         Stage 1
  •          Stage 2
  •          Stage 3
  •          Stage 4
  •          Sailing with Spinnakers
  •          Seamanship Skills
  •          Start Racing

The RYA National Sailing Scheme is designed for adults (over 16 years) and we offer the following courses:

  •          Level 1 – Start Sailing
  •          Level 2 – Basic Skills
  •          Level 3 – Better Sailing
  •          Sailing with Spinnakers
  •          Seamanship Skills
  •          Start Racing

Details of the content of these courses are available on the RYA website: http://www.rya.org.uk/coursestraining/courses/dinghymultikeel/Pages/dinghyintro.aspx


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